Speech from Congressman Scott Perry

MECHANICSBURG, Pa- Congressman Scott Perry fired up a local group claiming he offered himself  to Chris Matthews as a target to take on liberal rederick and clarify the republican stance.

In his first  appearance  yesterday before the Harrisburg Liberty Alliance, Perry answered difficult questions about his sparring with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on the television new show, Hardball. Perry appeared with Matthews at the end of September and the jarring went viral. Perry told the audience he did not want to be confrontational, he simply wanted to represent the other side of the story, but Matthews was having none of that, barely allowing answers to the questions asked.

Perry said “I represent people from both sides of the political spectrum. If you can’t functionally argue your position, you shouldn’t have the job.”  So he said he “offered himself up to Matthews to try to get show his constituents there was two sides to every story”.

Matthews and Perry attacked each other on issues surrounding the government shut down, and the supposed hostage taking of the American people. The main point from the discussion with Matthews was the Affordable Care Act and how Perry felt it was unconstitutional. The debate between the two got heated with neither side getting their point across.

The Harrisburg Libery Alliance hosted Perry in hopes of better understanding his views on the hot topics currently underway in congress.  The hot topic of the night was why the conservative side is not being stronger, and not pushing harder for the conservatives.  The Chris Matthews discussion was on the top of the list.  Many of the attendees feeling as though Perry did not fight hard enough.

One attendee,  a bald man approximately 35, covered in tattoos and very loud, told Perry that while he was happy with what he has been doing for the party, he thinks the conservative side needs to be more visible and loud regarding dis-banning Obamacare.  Perry replying “There are 233 republicans in the conference, and everybody went to their district and tried to get that message out.  And I know that I did as well. Some people are just unwilling to receive the message, or they hear the other side and it sounds better or whatever.  I will tell you that delivering difficult news is not pleasant.”

During the speech people continued with their meals.  The sound of silverware hitting plates, and waitresses interrupting did not disrupt the questions that continued to flow the entire night.  While several people showed their unhappiness for the government in general, all had glowing things to say regarding Perry himself and what he was doing for the area.

An elderly women, approximately 65, took the mike to ask about Perry and his stance on foreign policy. Again, Perry having 33 years of military service, took the positive side.  He explained that especially in his district, manufacturing is huge.  “The 4th district is the largest manufacturing district in Pennsylvania.  90 percent of all manufacturing nationwide goes overseas.  If we didn’t offer foreign policy, it would substantially hurt those numbers,” said Perry.  Although he went on to add that while he does agree with some foreign aid he feels history show mishandling of policy.  “American’s credibility has been diminished due to our sorely mishandled foreign policy.”

Congressman Perry has been in office for 11 months.  He resides in Mechanicsburg with his wife and two children, ages 4 and 6.  Although still at the beginning of her term, he hopes to have a future in politics and plans to continue in politics.


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